PVC plastic pipes and profiles: From idea to performance !




Today we are one of the leading companies

producing plastic profiles in the Baltic States

The capacity of our production lines is about 15 million meter plastic profile per year.
The profiles we make are from rigid or foamed PVC, PE, PP and PS.

Our main products are PVC skirting and corner profiles for the interior decoration of buildings.
Besides our brand products we can also offer a complete development program for new products.

 ATI Profiil Ltd - a plastic extrusion company established year 2000.


pdf-icon.png VPL40 (ENG)
pdf-icon.png VPL40 (FIN)
pdf-icon.png VPL40 (RUS)
pdf-icon.png VPL40 (DE) de.png
pdf-icon.png VPL40 (LV) lv.png
pdf-icon.png VPL40 (LT) lt.png
pdf-icon.png VPL40 (SWE) swe.png
pdf-icon.png VPL40 (DA) da.png
pdf-icon.png VPL40 (NO) no.png